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Our Responsibility

Beer and food are both biological processes and Pangaea believes it is our responsibility to respect and do everything possible to preserve these processes and the environment for future generations. We want to give as much as we take to provide the best for all of you. To us that means striving to reduce our waste footprint, promoting green alternatives and using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Reduce & Recycle

The water in Greenville is of the best quality and we want to make sure it stays that way. The brewing process is very water and energy-intensive, so we look for ways to reduce these uses in the best way possible as we grow. Our ingredient waste is a huge benefit to local livestock farms as feed or can be a great source for composting. We also look at all the packaging and serving waste to ensure it can be recycled efficiently and responsibly. We strive to create a self-sustaining system for everything that comes in and out of our brewery.

The swamp rabbit trail

Healthy People, Happy Communities

Pangaea can control what is under our roof but we also want to promote other ways that you can help outside our space. We picked our location with the Swamp Rabbit Trail in mind so that we can lead by example and bike and walk whenever possible. We also believe in partnering with other like-minded businesses and organizations to promote other healthy and beneficial practices that will let Greenville continue to grow responsibly and and in the right direction

Support Local

Partnering with local farmers and suppliers is another responsibility we hold as we grow. Local and seasonal ingredients help shape our menu and really let us show you where your food and drink is coming from. Not only do we want to support these businesses but we are conscious of the impact extra transportation has on our world. We see our full circle system start at our suppliers and ends with each of you.


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