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Drink What you love

While we are fanatics about beer here at Pangaea, we understand it is not that way for everyone. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. We believe that you should drink what makes you happy and we want to offer the best version of what you like. We love our hops and dark beers here but we also can get down with a craft light lager or refreshing rosé on a hot day. Because of this, we have a sister company (Black LAB Booch) that will make in-house kombuchas and craft sodas for the family while also offering high quality wines and ciders made from experts in their fields.

Our Beers

Beer is at the core of who we are and take it extremely seriously. Every beer is crafted with the best quality ingredients and techniques for the styles you love. Pangaea takes inspiration from age-old ale and lager styles and brings them forward with modern ingredients and flavors. We love our hops, malt, fruit and spices here and want to showcase all of them to you. Belief that quality for all is at the start for every beer we make for you.

Explore Our Beers 2021-06-24PangaeaBrewing-Greenville,SC-JackRobertPhotography-126 Kombucha ingredients

Craft Kombucha

Black LAB Booch was created to show you another side of fermented beverages. Not everyone consumes alcoholic beverages but that doesn’t mean that they can’t come together with their friends that do. Kombucha is an alternative fermented beverage that can still showcase the ingredients and magical science that comes with great yeast and bacteria.

Cider & Wine

We are building our world with every one of you and your different likes and tastes. With that in mind, we know that beer is not everyone’s favorite even if it is ours. Working with the best in their fields, we want to bring you the same quality beverages and ideals as our beers. Each wine and cider should tell its own story and we want you to experience that story with us.

wine glassses Funky Fridays EL (7)

Funky Fridays

We wanted to bring some funk back to Fridays so we got creative, bought some casks, and started blending some of our beers with weird and wonderful ingredients that we hope create something entirely new, funky, fun, and fingers crossed…. delicious.

Ever wondered what a Carolina Reaper chili might add to a stout? Us too. Or how about Fruit Loops with our Thai-inspired wheat ale? We’re in! Or perhaps basil and mint added to our watermelon gose. Sounds refreshing right?

Well, we have a million different flavor ideas for you to try. Each Friday we will be tapping a new cask (which will sit on the bar) and serving the beer in 10oz pours. The beer is limited (only 4.5 gallons in total) so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Make sure to follow our social channels to see what we will be serving up each Friday.

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