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Funky Fridays EL (7)

We wanted to bring some funk back to Fridays so we got creative, bought some casks, and started blending some of our beers with weird and wonderful ingredients that we hope create something entirely new, funky, fun, and fingers crossed…. delicious.

Ever wondered what a Carolina Reaper chili might add to a stout? Us too. Or how about Fruit Loops with our Thai-inspired wheat ale? We’re in! Or perhaps basil and mint added to our watermelon gose. Sounds refreshing right?

Well, we have a million different flavor ideas for you to try. Each Friday we will be tapping a new cask (which will sit on the bar) and serving the beer in 10oz pours. The beer is limited (only 4.5 gallons in total) so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

An example of Funky Friday is our Murphy’s Law stout dosed with everyones favorite candy - Reese’s Pieces! We'd love for you to share your views with us good, bad or indifferent. Beer is supposed to be fun after all. We will get creative with the beer and you get creative with your feedback!

Make sure to follow our social channels to see what we will be serving up each Friday.